Master Distraction (In-Home & Group Class)

Tackles phobias and introduces different types of distractions from noises, movements, and positions to prepare your dog to overcome anything new as quickly as possible and to address specific phobias.


Dog Park Training (In-Home)

Dog and owner are well versed on leash training through distractions.  Tanya will take dog and owner to a dog park and teach the owner how to introduce their dog properly in the park environment and how to assess the energy levels of the various packs and stay in charge of interactions while off-leash.


TDI / Therapy Dog International (In-Home)

Lessons are tailored to fit the obedience level of the dog.  This program builds on the behavior learned in the Canine Good Citizen test and extends to higher levels of performance.  A practice test will be given towards the end to evaluate training.  Note that the Therapy Dog International test is administered by TDI and is not part of this program.