Pack Leadership 101 (Seminar)

A three hour seminar where you will learn about pack leadership and basic dog ethology so that you may resolve typical anxiety and aggression issues and enhance any training your dog has or shall have in the future.  Great value for an introduction into everything you need to learn about what your dog needs to feel safe and loved by you.


Basic  Obedience (In-Home & Group Class)

Taught with pack leadership and clicker training, this class teaches the foundation of building the dogs' obedience with duration, distance, and distractions using verbal cues and hand signals.  Includes the skills of sit, stay, down, crate training, feet up/off, and heel with left and right switches.


Behavioral Programs (In-Home)

A specific program applying the S.T.A.R. method tailored to the dogs' needs and the owners' goals after a free in-home assessment with Tanya.  The various issues can include dog-on-dog aggression, people or food aggression, excessive barking, chewing, territorial behavior, integration of a new pet or a child into the pack.  It is recommended that the owner also take the Pack Leadership 101 Seminar.