Nature // Ethology  (In Home Training)

This program is about the absolute essentials for dog training.  It is comprised of our 3 NATURE COURSES plus a complimentary Assessment Session with Tanya.  The assessment includes a full report of Tanya's assessment and your goals for your dog.  Training is done in your home to ensure the assessment is properly tailored and you receive the necessary tools to be the leader in your pack's environment.


Nurture // Obedience, Level I  (In Home Training)

This program teaches basic obedience commands like the recall, sit-stay, down-stay, focus, name, etc...  The techniques start with the fundamentals often found in basic training books (or pet store programs), but quickly advance with training secrets developed by the best professional trainers from working with dogs who are trained to perform on films, television and print.  There are 3 NURTURE COURSES and you will learn how to train your dog to stop in his or her tracks from across the street with just a look and a hand signal.


Pack Leadership Seminar

This is a 3 HOUR SEMINAR where you will learn about pack leadership and basic dog ethology so that you may resolve typical anxiety and aggression issues and enhance any training your dog has had or shall have in the future. This is a great value for an introduction into all you need to learn about what your dog needs from you to feel safe and loved by you.



Obedience, Level II  (In Home Training)

This program teaches intermediate obedience commands like the heel, follow, leave it, watch, speak, etc., in addition to any intermediate tricks you wish to teach your dog.  The techniques build on the basics and increase the level of communication you share with your dog.  This class will open up all sorts of new possibilities that you will be able to use to transform everyday life beyond just obedience and tricks.


Canine Good Citizen

This program is a combination and advancement of the Nature & Nurture courses with the focus on specifically passing the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test.  Please note that the AKC administers the test, thus it is not included in this program.


Film/TV Production, Level I

For the dogs who are ready to get to work in the biz.  This program takes the first crucial steps towards the advanced training necessary for a dog to be part of a set, work among challenging conditions, and start living the life of an up-and-coming star.


Behavior Modification

This is training to resolve significant anxiety and aggression issues and enhance any training your dog has had or shall have in the future.  Intended for dogs and owners who are experiencing difficulty in challenging areas such as reactive behavior, unpredictable, and undesirable behavior.



Film/TV Production, Level II

So Fido is starting to receive calls and agents are casting glances his way.  This program builds on the foundation course and teaches dogs/owners the fundamentals that get the movie stars hired.


Off Leash Training

This program focuses on off-leash obedience and activity.  Intended primarily for dogs/owners who have the basics down and are ready to further their abilities in the field without a leash.


Therapy Dog International (TDI)

This program requires the same training as the Canine Good Citizen test, but at even higher standards.  There are extra tests in the Therapy Dog International test that must be specifically trained.  The TDI test is not included in this program.