Intermediate Obedience  (In-Home & Group Class)

Builds on the basics of sit, stay, and down.  Heel is fine-tuned to include body language for preventing and overcoming distractions, desensitizing to distractions, and/or overcoming fears.  Teaches "place" and "leave it".  The group class, known as "Street Obedience",  also includes the distractions of a cat and skateboard.  The in-home training will include the foundations of distance training.


Canine Good Citizen Test Preparation (In-Home)

Lessons tailored to fit the obedience level of the dog and prepare him/her for the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test.  A practice test is administered towards the end of training to assess and evaluate progress.  Please note that the AKC administers the test itself which is not included in this program.


Movie Tricks I & II (Group Class)

Confidence-building behaviors used in film & TV that will impress your friends and help the owners be better trainers.  The foundations for learning to nudge, bow, and circle among other fun behaviors are taught to enable success with duration, distance and distractions.  Training includes following both hand signals and verbal cues.